31 May 2008

......spookyness in edinburgh..

I am finally back online!! Whoooooopieeeeeee!! It did give me the chance to get some work done (not much though).

Anyho I will start with this - on Friday 9th May myself and Kyla went to Edinburgh on a ghost hunt in the old underground vaults. Armed with our trusty tea lights and two cameras (wonderfully donated by Garry), off we went!

We got to Edinburgh just in the nick of time at 12.00am (Saturday) where we met other ghost hunter people (they were mostly weirdos)!! They explained all the guff about the vaults and the terrible things that happened there, after all that they let us loose!! I am not kidding you - it was pitch black!! We couldn't see a thing!! About half the way through the night the 'Scottish Ghosthunters' set up all their equipment and started some E.V.P (Electronic voice projection).

With E.V.P the idea is that you ask a question whilst the E.V.P machine is recording, then you play the tape back and hear spooky ghostlike voices from the other side!

Anyho, we did this for about an hour or so and to be honest we did pick up some very weird (and plausible) sounds, which I can say because I was there - did not come from any of the participants! All that said we had a great night! I would recommend anyone to go - just don't do what I did and drive there on Friday, stay awake all night until 6am Saturday - then drive back to Dundee without any sleep!! I was soooooooooo tired!!

Did you get any photos I hear you say? Well as a matter of fact we did. I am not saying these are ghostly images of ghouls (that was for you Kyla) or demons but they were interesting. I can only say that there was no light source other than my flash and it was a normal digital camera!!!

I'll let you decide what it is!!

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