13 July 2009

......Summer in Seoul..

Oh my god! I have been in Seoul now for what feels like a lifetime. I am currently working over here which is an experience I can tell you! It’s crazy over here!! I thought I was bad for gadgets? Everyone on the subway is watching television on their little mobile phones, or playing Nintendo DS – it’s madness! (and that’s saying something coming from me).

Everything is weird here – from the Supermarkets to the roads to the food, fashion......blah! blah! Blah! It has been a culture shock and that’s no lie! I haven’t really had too many chances to get out and explore – too busy!! Although I have ventured out to a few places which have to be said are beautiful! This country has so much culture and tradition! It’s bloody hot here too! My god!!

Anyway, I have taken a few photos on my travels and I will share them with you......!